dksgs;dlgsdg (dirty_fix) wrote in omgnotugly,

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i look sweaty but i'm really not?
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ghostly, my friend's cam.
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ghostly again, deal with it suckaz
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i look like a greasy fuck again
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you look dirty. go shower a few times THEN take pictures x
uh dude i had just showered like 2 hours ago when i took those pics, it's definitely the lighting.
mabe use a powder or something on your face to lose the shine. i know its the flash but still. its like it in EVERY PICTURE EVERYWHERE
I like them. Your cute as hell. And I love that shirt.
hahaha the "shirt" is really pajamas. Sweeet.
Hey, I totally feel for you with the whole shiny face thing. My powder foundation has TEENY shimmery particles in that you cant see in normal daylight, but sometimes, on pictures with a flash, my face looks really greasy / sweaty. So I totally understand.

And, that aside, you are really cute! Hehe I LOVE your eye make up, it's hot! Totally!